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Best Restaurant in Zetland on Different Chinese Cuisine

Did you know that the dominant taste and flavours of different Chinese food also largely depends on where it originates? We at East Phoenix, the home of the finest chinese food in Zetland, is here to talk about a few characteristics of different Chinese food from different parts of China.

At East Phoenix, we serve predominantly Cantonese Chinese cuisine. They are often typified by their balanced taste, not overly spicy and not greasy. Next we have the Sichuan cuisine which are often spicy due to the larger use of chili in their dishes as compared to other Chinese regions. Then we also have the Shandong cuisine which is characterized by its soup dishes and lightly cooked fishes.

There are many more other types of Chinese cuisine but we will go through that next week.

Hungry for some Chinese food? Come down to East Phoenix today for some yum cha in Zetland!