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Best Restaurant in Zetland on What Yum Cha Means

Yum cha is ever so popular in world culinary. You can find yum cha restaurants stretching from Australia all the way to the United States. This Chinese dining style breaks any geographical boundaries imaginable. However, how did this start? More importantly, what does ‘yum cha’ actually mean? East Phoenix, a seafood restaurant in Zetland that serves yum cha lunches, is going to explain a few things about ‘yum cha’.

‘Yum cha’ itself comes from Cantonese Chinese and it literally means ‘drink tea’. However, it has since been used to describe morning tea in China. People drink tea for yum cha and those dishes of food only served as snacks and that it is not supposed to be a full meal. That is not usually the case though at the best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix.

Fast-forward a number of years when yum cha have become a worldwide phenomenon, it is a much more popular option than it is an option for morning tea or afternoon tea. People would also have a meal instead of having tea with a side of Chinese dishes. We see it ourselves at East Phoenix, as most patrons have yum cha in Zetland for lunch.

Are you hungry for some Chinese food in Zetland? Or are you looking for restaurants for hire in Zetland? Come on down to East Phoenix now to get your fix!