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Best restaurant in Zetland: All you need to know about Phoenix Claws

Remember the first time you went to a Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum and saw that intimidating chicken feet? It is called the “Phoenix Claws”, which also means braised chicken feet. For every dim sum newbie, that is probably a terrifying experience. This dish is a must-eat for people who fancy skin, bones and cartilage. It takes courage to eat it, but a lot of people actually love it after stepping out of their “comfort zone”.

It is pretty time consuming to make the “Phoenix Claws”, it requires frying, braising and simmering to transform the tough chicken feet to something tender, gelatinous and flavour-packed delicacy. It is usually simmered in black bean sauce or abalone sauce; just imagine how yummy it is going to taste it. Chicken feet is also a popular snack, you can actually buy packaged ones in Asian supermarkets. But nothing beats freshly cooked ones.

Just take that few seconds of courage to try the “Phoenix Claws” and you might be fighting for the last chicken feet in the next minute. Come dine at the best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix Chinese restaurant soon! We serve delicious “Phoenix Claws” everyday during lunch!