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Best restaurant in Zetland: Char siu bao should be on your must-eat list

‘Char siu bao’ is a dim sum dish that no one should ever miss when eating yum cha.

It is a Cantonese food originated from China, the Guangdong region. What is it exactly? It is barbecue pork filled bun. It is a must-serve dish during yum cha and sometimes sold in Chinese bakeries in Chinatown. There are two types of ‘char siu bun’, the steamed ones that are soft on their outer skin and the baked ones that are wrapped with pastry-like skin.

The steamed ones are slightly dense and soft as the dough contains yeast and baking powder. While for the filling, it is barbecue pork with many types of sauces like oyster sauce, soy sauce and hoisin sauce etc., with a hint of Chinese wine. Just close your eyes and imagine the moment when you bite it, the tender and sweet roasted pork tenderloin oozing out of the soft dough.

No one can resist to this amazing feeling and taste. Are you hungry now? Can’t wait to indulge the pork buns?

Come dine at the best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix Chinese restaurant soon! We serve delicious ‘char siu bao’ everyday during lunch!