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Best Chinese restaurant in Zetland - know the courses

Similar to western cuisine, there are different courses and sequence to it when comes to dining.

Firstly, tea should be served immediately when you are seated. Constant refilling is part of good dining etiquette and it is okay to tap two fingers on the table to thank for the refill.

Secondly, we have snacks such as peanuts, and pickled vegetables. Peanuts can be salted roasted ones or even braised ones!

Next up, beverages such as beer and alcohol. They are opened and left on the table for diners to share it around.

The highlight of the entire meal is the main course. Different dishes including soup will be served and also rice, to be eaten together.

Towards the end of the meal, starch dish such as noodles or fried rice will be served. Are you already hungry at the end of reading this? Book a table at the best Chinese restaurant in Zetland -East Phoenix soon!