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Best Chinese restaurant in Zetland on all you need to know about teas

There is cream called the primer which ladies put on their faces before putting on make up. In the Chinese cuisine, there is this one thing people drink before they eat. It is tea, it is the ‘primer’ for a typical Chinese meal.

Tea isn’t just for lunch, it is for breakfast and dinner as well. Tea is an evergreen shrub native to southern China, Tibet and northern India. There are basically three types of varieties, namely China, Assam and Cambodia. The Chinese type prefers high altitudes and are capable of producing tea leaves for a hundred years. The Chinese have been putting tea leaves into hot boiling water to drink since thousands and thousands of years ago.

Do you know that tea is the most exported food in China? Tea is enjoyed by many from Japan to Russia. According to the UK-based tea institute,tea drinkers on average drinks three cups per day in 1999 which is a million more cups than in 1989. Just imagine the numbers now in 2015.

Do you know that green, black and oolong tea all come from the same plant? It is the processing differences that give each type different flavour and smell. Green tea is not oxidised. Wulong is semi-oxidised, while black is fully oxidised.

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