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Best Chinese restaurant in Zetland on egg custard tarts

What is egg tart? It is a crispy pastry holding the egg custard filling in the middle. Yum yum!

The history of egg tarts is pretty interesting. It can be called a “fusion” food as it is derived from the Portuguese pastry via the Portuguese colony of Macau, then later on spread to Hong Kong and other parts of the world.

There are more variations of egg tarts nowadays to suit different taste buds such as, egg white, milk, honey and egg as well as ginger-flavoured egg.

Also, instead of using custards, there are bird’s nest, chocolate and green tea tarts as well.

In East Phoenix, the best Chinese restaurant in Zetland, we serve the traditional egg tarts during yumcha. Don’t forget to order these little delicious delicacies when you visit us!