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Best restaurant in Zetland - this is for all the Peking duck lovers

It is really hard not to love Peking duck! It is such a delicious food but how much do you know about it? Be a true blue Peking duck lover after reading this article presented to you by the best Chinese restaurant in Zetland – East Phoenix Chinese Restaurant.

The dish ‘Peking duck’ originated from Beijing and it is part of northern Chinese cuisine. It is a dish that no one should miss. Why would you want to miss that enticing blend of sweet, crispy skin and roast meat? 

This dish can be traced back to 600 years old and eaten by the royals. Later it was “brought” out of the palace by court chefs who left and set up their own restaurants.

You don’t have to go Beijing for it. At East Phoenix, we serve delicious Peking duck everyday. Call and make a reservation with the best Chinese restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix Chinese Restaurant soon!