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Chinese chopstick etiquette, by the best restaurant in Zetland

While chopsticks are used in all parts of the world, the etiquette is similar but differs slightly. The Chinese culture influences the way of chopstick etiquette throughout the country and the best restaurant in Zetland will tell you all you need to know.

In regards to Chinese chopstick etiquette, it is more about what you should not do rather than what you should do, as certain actions relate to other aspects of their culture that are either considered rude or disrespectful. Some examples of poor table etiquette include:

  • Tapping the edge of the bowl with your chopsticks, because beggars made this noise to attract attention
  • Spearing food with your chopsticks is impolite, as is resting them and leaving them pointed at another guest at the table
  • If the chopsticks are left vertically standing in the bowl, it resembles incense burning and you are “feeding” the dead and death in general
  • Holding chopsticks incorrectly will reflect on the child’s parents as it is their duty to accurately teach them
  • One should not dig or search through the foods on the table as it is considered that you are digging one’s grave or grave digging in general.

We know that these chopsticks etiquettes may seem like a lot to take in at first, but we welcome everyone to try and use chopsticks and adapt our culture into their lives whether it is eating yum cha in Zetland or just enjoying our Chinese food.

Be sure to make a booking now at East Phoenix, to dine with some great food and enjoy new experiences while trying to use chopsticks at the best restaurant in Zetland.