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Simple Chinese dining customs by the best restaurant in Zetland

Chinese dining customs are considered to be a true definition of respect throughout the culture, whether the dinner is with family or you are invited as a guest. Following these simple customs shows great respect, the best restaurant in Zetland will tell you about some customs.

When you are invited it is always important to attend and be punctual, depending on your relationship with the host of the table it is important either bring a small gift or good wine. The most important part of dining customs is the seating arrangement, if the guest of honor has not eaten yet you should not eat or he/she has not been seated neither should you. At our Chinese restaurant in Zetland we want you to feel comfortable and sit where you like and enjoy some great food! So no need to feel pressured according to these customs.

When it is time to eat, just be elegant and share the food with everyone, don’t go digging into your favourite dish as it is considered disrespectful.

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