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The symbolism of dumplings by the best restaurant in Zetland

In China the dumpling is a traditional food with many hidden meanings to it such as wealth, family union, festivals and delicacy. So let the best restaurant in Zetland tell you all about the symbolism of dumplings in the Chinese culture.

The dumpling is associated with those different aspects of the Chinese culture and life. Wealth because they are shaped like ingots and that was currency during previous times and also a coin is hidden in one of the dumplings for one person to find it and it is said that they will have good fortune for the year. Family Union comes to mind since dumplings are such a tedious job, it brings the family together to work and prepare them for the feast. Festivals as dumplings symbolise a new year and it is also considered a Delicacy due to all the delicious flavours. So feel free to come to our Chinese restaurant in Zetland for some delicious food.

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