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Seating etiquette for a Chinese dinner, by the best restaurant in Zetland

The seating arrangement is probably one of the most important parts of Chinese dining etiquette. The best restaurant in Zetland will tell you all about seating arrangements when you are at a Chinese banquet or dinner.

Dining etiquette in ancient times had a hierarchy and enacted upon a four tier social strata:

1. The Imperial Court
2. Local Authorities
3. Trade Associations
4. Workers and Farmers

While now in respect to modern dining etiquette, it has been simplified to:

1. Master of the banquet or guest of honour
2. All other guests

The main point of these etiquettes is for the seating arrangements, as there will be a seat of honour where the person with the highest status would sit or the guest of honour and then the subsequent seats would go in order of importance to the main person.

Most of the time this seat will either be facing east or towards the grand entrance to the room. At our Zetland restaurant, we consider all of our guests to be our guests of honour and want you to enjoy your meal!

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