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Chinese New Year facts by the best Chinese seafood restaurant in Zetland

Chinese New Year, the biggest festival of the year for the Chinese, is also known as the Spring Festival.

Here are some interesting facts that you should know:

There is no fix date for Chinese New Year as it follows the lunar calendar. This year it falls on 8th Feb, Monday and it is the year of the Monkey.

Chinese New Year is not a one-day event, it lasts over a period of 15 days. If you are wondering how old Chinese New Year is, it is thousands of years old. The Chinese started celebrating during ancient times.

Countries with large Chinese ethic background such as Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan also celebrate this event, therefore making up about one sixth of the world celebrating Chinese New Year annually.

“Spring cleaning” is a must-do before Chinese New Year as it means to sweep away the evil spirits from the previous year. However, cleaning should not be done on the first day of Chinese New Year, as it means that you are sweeping the good lucks away.

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