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Surprising Chinese food facts by the best Chinese restaurant in Zetland

If you are a Chinese food lover, these interesting Chinese food facts are for you. Read on to find out more and show off your Chinese food knowledge to your friends and families.

You know how soups are served in the beginning of our meals here in Australia as appetisers? It is exactly opposite in the Chinese culture, soup is part of the last course. Why? Because the Chinese say that it aids digestion.

There are many accounts left by historians stated that ice cream originated in China back in 2000 BC. The emperor at that time loved it so much that it is kept as a royal secret and only served it to Marco Polo visited China. He then took it back to Italy.

Bite sizes food is one of the favourite foods back in the ancient days because it is easy to be picked up by fingers and chopsticks. Knifes and forks back in the days were seem as weapons and it is inappropriate to use for eating. 

Bread and eggs are not the only breakfast menu items. The Chinese love their noodle rolls, rice and fried pancakes as well as porridge to start their day off.