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Best Chinese restaurant in Zetland on surprising Chinese food

China, being second largest country in the world, has plenty of different food and cuisines that are well liked by the world. There are also dishes that will surprise you. Read on! 

It is hard not to love tofu, for its taste and nutrients. But not everyone, or rather a lot of people, exactly likes “stinky tofu”. The name suggested it all, the selling point of it is the smelliness. To the people who love stinky tofu, the stinkier it is, the better. It is like blue cheese in the western cuisine, either you love it and run to it, or hate it and run away. Stinky tofu is actually fermented tofu that is deep-fried, giving it the crispy texture on the outside.

Have you seen those ‘shiny black eggs’? It is called “century eggs” which are preserved eggs by soaking duck, quail or chicken eggs in saline solution from weeks to months. And it is the solution that causes the egg white to turn dark and the yolk to a creamy texture. It is a common ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Are you tempted to try some of these “not a century old century eggs”?

Visit the best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix Chinese Restaurant, soon! We serve a few dishes that brings out the best flavour of the century eggs, for instance, our minced pork congee with preserved egg is a popular dish during yumcha!