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Tips about the Chinese drinking culture, by the best restaurant in Zetland

If you are ever invited out to dinner by a Chinese host you need to be prepared for the Chinese drinking culture, as the more you know the more respectable it will be for you. The best restaurant in Zetland wants to educate everyone on the drinking culture in China.

Here’s a short breakdown by our Zetland restaurant to get you ready for a day accompanied by the Chinese drinking culture:

• What you will be drinking – Baijiu (a clear liquor that has the same effects as tequila, Red Wine, Beer (Tsingtao) ans some specialty alcohols are consumed on special holidays
• Toasts and Cheers – “Gānbēi” is what is used to cheers, but be weary as it translates to dry glass in English and you may be expected to finish your drink after that toast
• General Etiquette – when clinking glasses the younger people should hold their glasses lower than the seniors as a sign of respect, if you are late to the party you are expected to drink more to catch up, whoever proposes the toast is generally expected to finish his or her glass and it is rude to refuse to drink after someone has toasted to you

They are the basic rules for you to follow within the Chinese Drinking Culture, so the next time you are out with a Chinese host at our restaurant venue in Zetland you’re prepared.

Make a booking at the best restaurant in Zetland and get some practice before that night happens.