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Chinese New Year traditions by the best restaurant in Zetland

With the upcoming Chinese New Year, it is time for us to start our traditions that have been passed down for generations. Let the best restaurant in Zetland explain our customs to you at this time of the year, as the year of the Rooster draws closer.

The following are the most typical traditions:

  • New Year’s Eve dinner: is the most important to Chinese families, as it is a reunion for all members to come together. During the dinner, fish and dumplings will be served as they mean prosperity
  • Fireworks: Even though they have become banned in the recent years due to pollution, it was said that fireworks would drive away the evil
  • Red Packets: is a red envelope with money in it. It was believed that the money in the envelope will suppress the evil
  • New Year markets: During this time of the year temporary stalls will be set up to sell a range of decorations and foods representing the new year and is generally decorated with large lanterns
  • Cleaning: Normally just before the new year, Chinese people will clean their home from top to bottom as a way of removing the old and welcoming the new

Be sure to visit our Zetland restaurant for a great new year and don’t forget to wear red if you’re born in the year of the Rooster!