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The best restaurant in Zetland explains how yum cha can be healthy too

As more and more people start to become health conscious, we start to constrain ourselves from eating certain types of food. But the biggest dilemma people seem to think they have to face is avoiding yum cha! The best restaurant in Zetland will tell you how yum cha can be healthy too.

Firstly, yum cha oriented from China a long time ago and is typically served in the morning or lunchtime. The actual translation of yum cha means to drink tea, which aids with digestion. So how do we eat healthy with yum cha? Well the best choices for you are steamed dumplings, steamed wontons, rice paper rolls, etc.! The main goal for you is to stay away from the majority of foods that are fried (we know they taste the best though).

At our Zetland restaurant, you might want to drink more tea or eat a few extra dumplings rather than dessert, mainly due to the high calorie and sugar intake.

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