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The best restaurant in Zetland talks about how chopsticks were invented

Have you always been curious as to how chopsticks were invented? Well some of our staff here were too, so we did some research and asked the older generations for their knowledge. This is what the best restaurant in Zetland found out about chopsticks and we backed it up with research!

Our Zetland restaurant will tell you how chopsticks were invented:

• The first chopstick was created roughly 4000-5000 years ago in China
• They were only used for cooking and made of two twigs
• It wasn’t until the 5th Century that chopsticks became a eating utensil
• The Chinese would use two pieces of bamboo as a strong material to make chopsticks
• Due to the increase in population in China, a problem arose whereby space, materials and food became slightly scarce. So people began cooking food in bite sized portions and with the decline in materials resulted in people making chopsticks from cheap materials so they had utensils to eat with

Chopsticks have a simple past, which helped shaped the way China eats their food today. Our seafood restaurant in Zetland believes that this is what caused knives to become obsolete at a Chinese dinner table.

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