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The traditional Chinese diet, by the best restaurant in Zetland

Do you ever wonder how almost every Chinese person never puts on a vast amount of weight? Well the best restaurant in Zetland did some research on the traditional Chinese diet.

The traditional Chinese diet was one based around a few factors that influenced what they could eat. So our Zetland restaurant will explain the traditional diet:

• The traditional diet is based around low to moderate amounts of animal based protein and plenty of plant based foods
• The traditional diet has disease fighting properties
• Chinese cooking harmonises with the seasons
• The Chinese diet is based around traditional medicines that enable the body to become healthy and immune to illness over time

The traditional Chinese diet was a simple yet effective one; it was based around a few staples that were easily accessible and easily grown on their own. Now these ingredients are still used in almost all of the modern Chinese dishes even at our Zetland Chinese restaurant.

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