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Must try deep-fried Chinese dishes, by the best restaurant in Zetland

We know that everyone loves to eat deep-fried foods, even back home in China and at the best restaurant in Zetland we have some of the most divine foods for you to try.

A lot of people believe that deep-fried foods are just a simple way of cooking, yet with an Asian cuisine twist the possibilities are endless. Our Zetland restaurant will tell you about some of the must try dishes for you:

• Kung Pao Chicken – this is Szechuan’s most famous dish, as it combines the flavours from chicken, deep-frying, peanuts and a whole lot of chilli sauce
• General Tso’s Chicken – this is a true rustic Chinese deep-fried chicken dish with scattered chillies
• Egg rolls – which is also known as spring rolls in the Western Culture
• Crab Rangoon – crab meat wontons, with cream cheese and seasonings
• Sesame Chicken
• Sweet and Sour Pork
• Ginger Beef
• Cantonese Lobster – this unique dish is done by deep-frying lobster tail and then stir-frying them in a rich black bean sauce
• Fried Wontons

Whenever you get the chance we highly recommend for you to go out and try some of these delicious dishes and don’t forget that you can find some of them at our Chinese restaurant in Zetland.

As the best restaurant in Zetland, we are open 7 days a week offering yum cha during lunch and our a la carte menu for dinner. Be sure to check them our here!