With the introduction of East Phoenix, Sydney’s Largest Chinese Restaurant Group, Phoenix Restaurants, are proud to announce the opening of our newest restaurant. For more news visit our what's on page. 

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The best restaurant in Zetland serves up Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is always a special time at Sydney’s favourite yum cha restaurant, East Phoenix Zetland.


With the celebration for Chinese New Year lasting for a couple of weeks, one of the highlights is the lion dance performance that is put on for all the restaurants. The Chinese food that we serve up in our restaurant is also the best in the Zetland.


The celebration is held across all of our 4 restaurants, however here at Zetland, we’re proud to enjoy a beautiful occasion, with mouth watering Chinese food that both young and old get to enjoy.


This time of year also sees an array of cultures come on in to Phoenix. Given that Australia is such a multicultural society, the country as a whole has embraced different cultures, and Chinese New Year and the celebrations around it are no different


So to enjoy the best restaurant in Zetland, whether you’re after seafood, yum cha or our A la Carte menu that serves up the freshest of dishes, come on down to East Phoenix.